Title: Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

Here it comes — the annual groan where you ask yourself, “How can I make spring cleaning easier?” The answer is simpler than you think. It starts with a plan and finishes with an outcome that you will feel proud of. Put the groan away and use these spring cleaning tips to get the projects done productively. The final product will be done sooner than you know it.

Make the Plan

When you are thinking of spring cleaning, don’t let the overall task overwhelm you. Write down what you need to get done. Walk through the house and make a list of everything that you don’t like. You don’t necessarily need to get it all done at once, or even with spring cleaning. Find out what needs to happen, and then make your timeline from there.

You may have old appliances that need to go, junk that has not moved in years, or mold or mildew in places you didn’t expect to find. Walk around outside as well and make a list of your landscaping needs. It’s time to plan for the purge and the clean. Once you have the list, establish your timeline in bite-sized chunks, and you will get it done. It doesn’t need to happen in one day.

Stock Up

When you are making your list, you will find things that you will need to help you complete these tasks. Start making a separate list of the cleaning supplies you will need and the accessories you will need to help. That could be anything from a shop-vac to a new set of Rubbermaid containers to help you store what you are going to keep around.

From this list, make a note of what you can rent so that you can save some money on cleaning supplies and hardware. Make a list of what you need for both outside and inside. From this list, you may want to make some notes on what you can and can not outsource to a third-party contractor for help. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done all by yourself. Find out what you need and make a budget from this list.

Start Purging

The most important of all spring cleaning tips is the big purge. It’s time for the out-with-the-old mentality, without worrying about what is new that will replace it. The goal here is clear floors and uncluttered shelving units. Purge small and large alike, including old mattresses, appliances sitting around and not being used, and every small piece of clutter that you haven’t touched since your last spring cleaning.

Get rid of the clutter. There are several ways you can throw out a large number of items at once. You can rent a dumpster bin if the haul will be big. Or, you can outsource your purge and let professionals help you to remove the junk and take it somewhere so that you never have to think about it again.

Outsource Your Spring Cleaning

Don’t groan and ask, “How can I make spring cleaning easier”. Instead, consider the easiest spring cleaning tips of them all — outsource your spring cleaning. When you add up what you will need in cleaning supplies, accessories, time, and rentals, outsourcing may wind up being more affordable. Make your plan and do your research. Outsourcing the hardest part of your spring cleaning may make this the most productive spring cleaning you’ve ever had.

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